If you are considering Botox, here are some reasons why you should choose Reardon Dental.

We Know You

People feel comfortable with their dentist since they usually visit twice a year for normal check-ups. Any injection can be intimidating, especially if you’re uncomfortable with needles. Many patients have voiced a high level of trust in us, and many former dental phobic patients now readily accept injections in our practice.

We’re Experienced with Oral Injections

Dentists often administer anesthesia around the mouth, to numb areas prior to treatment in order to make patients more comfortable. In addition to experience with injections around the delicate area around the mouth, Dr. Feller has been extensively trained in treating other areas of the face with Botox and fillers.

Botox Can Help with Dental Treatment

There are non-cosmetic reasons for choosing Botox. A few uses include helping patients adjust to new dentures, treating patients with high lip lines, helping retrain facial muscles for certain orthodontic cases, and helping ease TMJ discomfort, which causes pain in the jaw and surrounding areas. Besides the cosmetic advantages of smoothing lines and wrinkles and augmenting lips; dentists have the added benefits of daily experience of providing injections, which adds to the safety and comfort of the procedures.

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What Our Patients Are Saying

  • Aubrey W.1/06/2022

    Love this dentist! Everyone is so nice and professional! I’ve been going here since for 24 years! They’ve always taken good care of me!

    Deb Y.12/28/2021

    I had pain in a tooth and called Wednesday morning and they told me to come right in. Dr. Reardon was very kind and thorough and explained my options. He ended up removing out an old filling and replacing it. His calm manner helped me through the drilling procedure and Sherry was great at replacing the filling. I appreciated that Dr Reardon fit me in to resolve the tooth pain. Excellent experience, even with the drilling part. Thank you! Thanks

  • Tom H.12/21/2021

    Ashley was great. She was very nice and did an excellent job cleaning my teeth. I would recommend her to everyone.

    Melissa P.12/02/2021

    Ashley is a great hygienist! She explained so well about various ways to improve my dental health. Dr. Reardon was helpful and encouraging. Great care!!

  • Joy T.11/30/2021

    I am terrified of dentist so having a tooth pulled had me very nervous. Everyone was great! Very little pain, and they were genuinely concerned about me. Thank you!

    Beth G.11/18/2021

    Got in quickly, Stephanie is kind and gentle. No pain. Dr. O’Brian very nice and also friendly. Overrall the office is clean and friendly and since I have to go to the dentist, I actually don’t mind this group. Note: I avoided going to the dentist for years because I was so afraid- now not so much. 👍

  • Colleen C.11/11/2021

    Wonderful staff and great, caring doctors! We are so fortunate to be patients of this practice.

    Just thrilled to be back on the reopening of the Downingtown office today! Everyone is always so kind and caring 😊

    Laura G.11/04/2021

    I am a New Patient needing dental work. I must say, I am completely satisfied & confident with Dr. Reardon and His Staff; especially Priscilla who goes above & beyond to assist the Patient. You can feel assured You’re at a Good Place with Reardon Dental. Thank You!!

  • Dobie G.10/27/2021

    Awesome people. Awesome service. Oh, and did I mention painless? And they do all this with a smile. 😁

    Angelica B.10/11/2021

    Great practice! I didn't even wait 3 minutes and was called right in. My hygienist was great and super sweet. All around great experience even though the dentist is not my favorite experience. Thank you Reardon for being so awesome 👌

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