If you are considering Botox, here are some reasons why you should choose Reardon Dental.

We Know You

People feel comfortable with their dentist since they usually visit twice a year for normal check-ups. Any injection can be intimidating, especially if you’re uncomfortable with needles. Many patients have voiced a high level of trust in us, and many former dental phobic patients now readily accept injections in our practice.

We’re Experienced with Oral Injections

Dentists often administer anesthesia around the mouth, to numb areas prior to treatment in order to make patients more comfortable. In addition to experience with injections around the delicate area around the mouth, Dr. Feller has been extensively trained in treating other areas of the face with Botox and fillers.

Botox Can Help with Dental Treatment

There are non-cosmetic reasons for choosing Botox. A few uses include helping patients adjust to new dentures, treating patients with high lip lines, helping retrain facial muscles for certain orthodontic cases, and helping ease TMJ discomfort, which causes pain in the jaw and surrounding areas. Besides the cosmetic advantages of smoothing lines and wrinkles and augmenting lips; dentists have the added benefits of daily experience of providing injections, which adds to the safety and comfort of the procedures.

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What Our Patients Are Saying

  • Rebecca V.11/05/2019

    Reardon staff are up front and honest. I get quality care, and they really make me feel like I'm the only patient there at the time

    Thomas F.11/05/2019

    After a change in Dental Insurance at work, I had to find another Dentist. Through word of mouth, I found Reardon Dental in Downingtown. I’m very happy with my decision to go with them. I’ve received excellent care and the office staff are very pleasant.

  • Jillian G.11/02/2019

    I had a great experience at Reardon Dental. The hygenist and dentist were both really thorough and knowledgeable and the rest of the staff were very friendly. I also appreciate them having weekend hours so i didnt need to take time off from work.

    Amanda K.10/09/2019

    I am continually impressed with this practice. I used to work for a dental office and the service is just unmatched. The staff are friendly they make you feel comfortable and relaxed and honestly, I couldn’t have found a better dentist!

  • Adair F.10/08/2019

    This has been our family dentist for two years. The dentist and hygienist are kind, quick, and knowledgeable. I really appreciate that they were also great with all my kids.

    Ernesto W.10/08/2019

    If you truly want a Dental practice that treats you like family, with the best patient customer service experience; than Reardon Dental practice is the place to be. I highly recommend this practice

  • Elizabeth M.9/28/2019

    The best staff!!! We love them! My young kids have zero anxiety about the dentist!

    Valerie L.9/16/2019

    I work in the office of the Phoenixville Synagogue. I have reached out to Reardon Dental for several years to support the fundraising efforts of Congregation B'nai Jacob. They have always been very generous with community involvement from my experience. Not only do they send a donation for our fundraiser; they also offer a very nice free dental check-up/cleaning, filling and extraction for Veterans a couple times a year. My husband and children are patients of Reardon Dental and have only had good comments after their appointments.

  • Chris C.8/20/2019

    As always no matter what a train wreck my mouth is EVERYONE there is supportive and kind! I lived my life avoiding the dentist but I’m no longer afraid or worried about being judged. Thank you Dr Reardon and staff you have changed my life.

    Nancy M.8/16/2019

    Very pleased with my experience at Reardon Dental. Had my fillings replaced painlessly by Dr Price and Cindy. And my bite is perfect!

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