Dental Lab

Allied Dental Lab achieves highly aesthetic results and consistency through modern digital technologies.

Patients of William K. Reardon & Associates experience quicker service with their on-site Allied Dental Lab. Because we don’t have to ship out and receive lab work, we afford our patients personal service and a more convenient turn-around. Patients who need repairs, crowns, bridges, dentures and other custom work can rely on the dental lab professionals at Allied Dental Lab to get the job done right and quickly, because they are in our building. This is especially helpful when it comes to custom staining and emergency repairs—we can handle rush jobs; you don’t have to wait on another provider.

The advantages of having an in office dental lab aren’t just recognized by our patients, but also our staff. The lab manager and technicians enjoy meeting patients and working chair-side with doctors—and seeing the finished product of their work (smiling patients!), something not all dental lab professionals get to witness. That’s a huge pride point for the staff of our dental lab.

You can trust our on-site dental lab experts at Reardon Dental for quality service and shorter turn-around times. Learn more about our services.

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